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Clouds over Florida

Clouds over Florida provide the state with over 54 inches of rain each year. Most of that precipatation comes during the spring and summer months. The clouds that form before, during and after a rain storm are something to see. They increase in size and look like a hundred story building both vertically and across. The thunder and lightning that comes with some of these rain storms are huge and impressive also.

The fun in seeing these storm clouds is looking at the various formations they make. I got on the UCAR Center for Science Education to get the names of some of these formations which I used to know.

The early morning light and late day sun rays give the clouds another dimension which makes them beautiful to look at. It’s hard to believe that Florida has a water shortage problem with all of our rainfall but with a population of 20 million people and growing and the states history of draining our wetlands to make way for cities, farms and dry land, it is understandable. I read on one website that an average rain cloud weighs 550 tons and contains 30 billion raindrops. Some of the clouds is the picture gallery look at least this big. The water vapor that the atmosphere contains in summer makes it feel like you could cut the air with a knife. The rain storms which often occur in late afternoon brings a welcome relief of a temperature decrease, sometimes as much as 10 degrees.

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