Birds of Florida

Bird watching in America is one of our biggest spectator hobbies and people flock (no pun intended) from all over the world  to see the hundreds of different kinds of birds that live here year round or migrate here for the winter. I have posted some of the birds I have photographed here in SW Florida. The state of Florida has created a website and organization called the Great Florida Birding Trail which lists places all over the state to catch good views of birds. Some of the birds are called wading birds like the Great White Egret which walks slowly through shallow water and stabs or grabs their prey with their sharp bills. Other birds are called Shore birds like the Pelican because of it’s location near one of Florida’s beaches. Then there are Song birds, like the Mockingbird  which are named because of their calls and sounds. The best way to learn about birds is to buy a field guide and look at the pictures and identification of many of the birds. You will be better equipped to identify the birds you see when you have a picture to compare them to. The Audubon Society is probably the most famous bird conservation group which started many years ago because of the danger of birds becoming extinct because of hunting enthusiasts and the popularity of birds feathers to adorn women’s hats. Another great website which I visit to identify and learn about birds is Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. My other go to website to learn about Florida’s wildlife and birds is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.





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