Florida Black Bears

Forest bear By Permission Townsend

Florida Black Bears  –  (Ursus americanus floridans)   are a subspecies of the American black bear and roams throughout Florida and can sometimes find it’s way into peoples backyards and neighborhoods. They were at one time an endangered species but have come back in number and have increased from about 700 to over 3,000. Watch a video of Florida Black Bears.

Florida Black Bears need a large area to roam, about 60 square miles and can be seen anywhere in the state. They are omnivores but eat mostly plants. They sometimes forage for food where it can be found including garbage areas. They eat up to 20,000 calories per day in the fall season to get ready for winter and may increase their size by 50% during this period.

The urban sprawl of Florida’s population which has increased in size from 5 million people to over 18 million today has put an increased pressure on the bear population to hunt in secluded areas. Visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Commission to learn more about Florida’s bear population.

Picture and video courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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