Bobcat in Florida


The Bobcat – (Gelis rufus) has a red brown coat and  dark spots. It has a short tail and tufted ears. It is about twice the size of a house cat but is a fierce hunter and will stalk and pounce on its prey.  The Bobcat is not seen too often because it hunts at night for food and rests during the day in dense thickets, trees and shrubs. They are located all over North America and can live in a variety of habitats including forests, swamps, deserts and mountains. It’s cousin is the Lynx.  The Bobcat is similar to the Florida panther because of its needs to hunt in a large area and roam  for food.  Bobcats hunt for squirrels, rabbits, rats, oppossums and small racoons. They will occasionally go after feral cats and land birds.  They do not approach humans and usually run away if they see people.  The femal bobcat can breed after one year and their litter after a gestation period of 50-60 days is usually 2-3 kittens. More information about Bobcats can be found at

photo by Fish & Wildlife Conservation Service



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