Florida Birds – Brown Pelican

Pelican at Ft Myers Beach

Pelican at Ft Myers Beach

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I saw and photographed this Brown Pelican at Ft. Myers Beach. Brown Pelicans are large seabirds that are often seen gliding over salt water bays, coastlines and other bodies of water.  They are  impressive birds to watch fly as they seem to glide with the wind without much effort. They hunt for food by looking for fish from above and then suddenly dive into the water head first with a big splash which stuns their prey which gives the Pelican time to grab a fish with it’s long bill. Pelicans were once in danger of becoming extinct because of the widespread use of the pesticide  DDT which damaged Pelicans eggs and their offspring. When Pelicans aren’t flying and swooping into the water they are common sights looking for scraps of fish on fishing docks or standing on wooden pilings, or other types of supports. A close relative of Brown Pelicans are White Pelicans. White pelicans forage for fish not by diving into the water but by other means. You can see and learn more about Pelicans at All About Birds.    

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