Bunche Beach

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Bunche Beach is part of Lee County’s system of parks, preserves and beaches. It is located off of Summerlin Rd. at 18201 John Morris Rd. in Ft. Myers. It has over 700 acres of beaches, mangrove forests and salt flats. The beach is pretty narrow in places but is long and good for beach walkers. You can see the north end of Ft. Myers Beach, the Sanibel Island Causeway, and entrance to Gulf of Mexico while standing on the beach. There are bathroom facilities, kayak and paddleboard rental services and a boardwalk to see the back bay area of the park. Bunche Beach is a considered a great place to photograph birds and is designated a “Great Florida Birding Trail Site” www.floridabirdingtrail.com  . Parking is $2 per hour. For more information visit  www.leeparks.org  then click on the link to Facilities, Beaches and then Bunche Beach.

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