Calliopsis – Florida’s State Wildflower

Tickseed Wild Flower

Tickseed Wild Flower

Calliopsis or Tickseed

The  Calliopsis Wildflower or otherwise known as the Tickseed flower is the state wildflower of Florida. I saw and photographed this one on the sandy edge of a lake on Six Mile Cypress Pkwy in Ft. Myers. The Calliopsis is part of the Coreopsis genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. They look like daisies with their yellow flowers. The Calliopsis can grow 2-4 ft tall and is native to several states including Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Louisiana. It is an annual plant and grows in well drained soil and thrives in hot weather. It has bright yellow flowers but can be several colors including pink and red. It was used in Florida’s highway beautification project years ago.

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