Cleaning Up Our Water Resources

Stained Water Flowing into Our Waterways

Stained Water Flowing into Our Waterways

Cleaning up Our Water Resources

The Ft. Myers News-Press ran an editorial yesterday May 18th, 2014 titled “Enormous Water Puzzle Needs Our Total Effort.” The editor lists the steps that South Florida needs to take in order to clean up the water flows that come our way when Lake Okeechobee releases billions of gallons of dirty water when Lake Okeechobee levels get too high. Huge water discharges occur going west into the Caloosahatchee River and east to the St. Lucie River which turns healthy clear water into murky dark water. This murky dark water turns our pristine clean beaches, rivers and bays into foul looking and polluted areas. The ultimate goal of the Everglades Restoration Plan is to restore the historic flows of water southward towards the Everglades instead of storing it in Lake Okeechobee. The News Press editor points out the steps needed to accomplish this as a series of steps like putting the pieces of a large puzzle together. The puzzle pieces include acquiring land south of Lake O to store large quantities of water, establishing other storage reservoirs to hold and clean water, constructing a 2.6 mile flow way under U.S. 41 to allow water to continue flowing south and many other projects. Our state legislators approved funds to create water reservoirs called C-43 and C-44 that will hold billions of gallons of water. The South Florida Water Management District is one of our state agencies involved in cleanup and restoration projects.


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