Comprehensive Everglades Research Plan (CERP)

research facility in Davie, Fla

research facility in Davie, Fla







The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is a joint effort between the US Army Corp of Engineers, South Florida Water Management District, Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies whose task is to restore the Everglades and wetlands of Florida to as much as it’s original structure as possible. The state and federal government has been working to restore the wetlands of central and south Florida for many years because of the awareness that the natural flow of water in our state is essential to the future supply of fresh drinking water and the survival of environmentally sensitive lands. CERP is the largest environmental restoration project being conducted in the U.S. and is expected to cost in excess of $10 Billion dollars. One of the projects to restore the Everglades is to remove invasive and harmful trees like the Melaleuca tree from the state. The Army Corp of Engineers built a research and scientific facility in Davie, Fla. Which has been turned over to the South Florida Water Management District run by the state of Florida. Its’ purpose is to study how the introduction of insects may prevent the further growth and spread of these harmful trees which soak up the water of wetlands, dry out the land and grow very fast. THE USACE and SFWMD have a very informative website called which contains a lot of interesting and useful information regarding the restoration efforts and projects being conducted.

Picture of research facility courtesy of U.S.A.  Corp and Engineers        

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