Cottage Palm or Sabal Palm

Cabbage Palm or Sabal Palm

The Cottage Palm or Sabal Palm – (Sabal palmetto) is Florida’s state tree but it is not actually a tree but instead a flowering plant or angiosperm. It is also a monocot because it has one cotyledon or embryonic leaf which is needed for its survival. A true tree has vascularized tissue or vessels that can send up water and nutrients from its roots through channels or vessels to the upper part of the tree. The Cottage Palm is famous in Florida because of its historical and cultural importance to the early settlers in Florida and Indians who used it for many purposes. The heart of the palm was known as “swamp cabbage” and was eaten by early settlers and indians for food. The stalks of the of the tree was used by Indians to make utensils and other common uses. The Cabbage Palm has berries which is used as a food source for animals. The tree grows in slightly wet to dry conditions and can be found in the dryer areas of swamps and upland areas  and as ornamental palms in peoples yards. This tree is shown with its natural stalks projecting from its trunk. There are hundreds of different palm trees or plants that exist around the world.  Cottage Palms are seen in most parks and preserves in Lee County.  I like the palm pedia website for information and pictures about the Cottage/Sabal Palm.

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