Dragonfly (ordonata)

The dragonfly not to be confused with a damselfly is one of those scary looking insects flying past you at the speed of light. The dragonfly can be distinguished by other flying insects with it’s 4 transparent wings which are perpendicular to it’s body, long body, and large eyes which almost completely cover it’s head and give it almost 360 degree vision. One of the interesting things about dragonflies are their ability to fly very fast forward, backwards or hover over an object. Dragonflies can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans which allows them to fly around and not bump into other insects. They are found in wetland areas likes ponds, marshes and lakes where they lay their eggs in water. They control the mosquito population by feeding on them. Dragonflies can be traced back almost 250 million years ago and they survived and evolved into many different kinds of insects which is the reason why their scientific classification stops at the order Odonata. They split into different families during their evolution and have thousands of different species that originated from their earlier ancestors. I saw and photographed this dragonfly with its attractive blue body sitting on a bed of water lettuce in the sanctuary at Audubons Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary where I have taken a lot of pictures of old growth Bald Cypress Trees, birds, alligators and other plants and wildlife. I learned about dragonflies while researching them on websites like the Univ. of California Museum of Paleontology, and about.com.

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