Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Ecosystem – an ecosystem is defined by a community of organisms interacting with one another and with the chemical and physical factors in the environment. Physical factors would include climate, amount of rain an area receives, soil types and composition and fire disturbances. The living organisms of an ecosystem would include  wildlife, plants, trees and very small micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

There are many types of ecosystems on earth, some that exist on land and some in the oceans or inland water systems.  I have included a picture of a Blue Heron in this article because the birds in this ecosystem and other forms of wildlife  are the living factors in this ecosystem  the non living factors are the water the bird drinks and fishes in water, the soil on the banks of the river and the air that the heron breathes.  The  wildlife and physical factors in a dry ecosystem like a desert would support much different species of plants and animals. There are many websites and sources to learn about ecosystems. One that I found and like is a site called web world wonders.




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