EPA not Protecting Drinking Water Supplies

USA Today reported on April 13, an article titled “Audit: EPA Lax in Making Water Safe” . The article states that oil and gas companies are not adhering to safe practices in disposing of waste water from oil and gas wells all across the United States. The article states that a review by the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to provide proper oversight of injection wells where oil and gas companies put their waste water and chemicals. This is a huge environmental and human safety problem because most of our drinking water comes from underground aquifers which are threatened by these injection wells.

This news in the wake of the Flint water drinking water problem and other municipal water supplies that are contaminated by lead shows that our nations’ water supplies are in danger and need greater oversight by our environmental protection agencies. I get angry when there is a call to reduce our national regulations by politicians, make government smaller and cutting the funds that are used to oversee and maintain our environmental programs and agencies. The failure of the U.S. Environmental protection Agency to adequately oversee all the injection wells being drilled by oil and gas companies probably stems from lack of personnel and staff to do their jobs. The damage done to our environment and clean up efforts once the damage is done is far more costly than preventing the unsafe practices in the first place.




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