Florida Master Naturalist Program

Florida Master Naturalists

The picture above shows a group of  Florida Master Naturalists who are taking a class in wetland systems walking through the part of the  Corkscrew Regional Ecological Watershed.  The Florida Master Naturalist Program  educates people wishing to learn more about various ecosystems of Florida including wetlands (swamps and marshes) coastal areas and upland areas. The tour that this group was on included  a three mile hike through a marsh system which alternated between wet and dry areas and had different plant and animal life throughout. Shorter tours are available in the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed.   The area is under water at certain rainy times of the year, generally summer. The Florida Master Naturalist Program is conducted by the Univ. of Florida Extension Service held in most counties of Florida. People who take these classes  often become teachers and tour guides themselves of Florida’s natural preserves.  I obtained a greater understanding and appreciation for areas covered by swamps, marshes and other wetlands while I was taking this course.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking my class in wetland systems , met some great people and hope to take the other two modules in the future.




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