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Great Egret

Great Egret

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The Great Egret is a majestic looking bird with it’s white plume of feathers, tall upright stance and graceful looks when it is flying. It is easy to spot with it’s all white body, yellow bill and black legs. I photographed this one at Punta Rassa near the Sanibel bridge. It was either looking out to sea or staring at a nearby fisherman and hoping to get a treat if he caught anything. These birds were hunted to near extinction because their white feathers were sought after by hunters to supply the fashion industry with plumage for women’s hats. They were finally protected by wildlife protection laws and their numbers have greatly increased.

Great Egrets get their food by stalking their prey, either small fish or aquatic animals in fresh or salt water environments. They spear their prey with their long bills. Cornell Univ. has a website called All About Birds which contains a lot of information about this bird and others.





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