Picayune State Forest

Picayune State Forest

Habitat  – A habitat is any piece of land whether it is covered by water or dry land   that has certain unique plant and animal species living in that area. Habitats can be differentiated by the living, (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors in that area. The Biotic factors (wildlife etc.) of wetlands depend on the availability of healthy resources like clean air, water and soil.   You can see a healthy habitat when there is an abundant amount of wildlife in the area.  Abiotic or non-living features of habitats determine whether organisms (plants, animals and micro-organisms)  can survive in that area.  One of the biggest factors for the loss of wildlife in an area is the loss of habitat or living area in which certain animals and organisms call home. The Florida Panther has seen a decline in its numbers because its’ habitat has been taken away by development of  its hunting ground into urban and agricultural areas. The state and federal government has set aside thousands of acres of land into WMA’s or Wildlife Management Areas to protect the habitat of birds, fish, and other animals. The Florida Fish and Wildlife and Conservation Commission has an excellent website describing WMA’s and how preserving land for wildlife and public recreation can preserve habitats.




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