Imperiled Species Plan

American Oyster Catcher

American Oyster Catcher

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has released it’s new conservation plan needed to protect species of wildlife that are endangered or threatened. The new plan which lists 60 species of birds, animals, reptiles and fish is meant to be more pro active in protecting and increasing the numbers of endangered wildlife in Florida. Species such as the American Oystercatcher pictured above will be protected from hunters and poachers and also have their habitat evaluated by FWC. Wildlife habitats are areas in which birds, animals and other types of wildlife make their home, nest and forage for food. Habitat destruction has been the number one reason why species decline in number. Wildlife lose their habitat by natural causes such as floods and fires but also by man made causes such as clearing and development of the land. You can learn more about the 60 species of wildlife which have been put on the new list and actions that will be taken by FWC at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Website.



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