Large Flower Rose Gentian

Sabatia grandiflora

Sabatia grandiflora

Sabatia grandiflora

Sabatia grandiflora

Large Flower Rose Gentian – (Sabatia grandiflora)

I saw this group of wildflowers while I was walking along the bank of the Ten Mile Canal in Ft. Myers. I was actually trying to find a neat turtle that I had seen the day before. These very pretty wildflowers were in an area of a rocky ledge near the water. I had a hard time identifying the scientific name of the flowers and they were not in my field guide book. I came across them after searching on the internet. Apparently the flower is one of 20 species of the flowering plants in the family Gentianaceae. The flower is an annual, grows by dropping seeds and appears in early Spring. It has a yellow star like pattern in the middle with a reddish outline. From what I read, this species grows only in Florida and South Alabama.

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