Oil Fracking bill dies in State Senate

Oil Drilling Rig in Caracara Preserve, Naples,FL

Oil Drilling Rig in Caracara Preserve, Naples, FL






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The controversial method of extracting oil and natural gas from the ground in Florida is being debated in the state legislature in Florida. One senator in the state legislature wanted to introduce and pass through a bill that would allow fracking companies to operate in Florida under certain conditions. Some environmental groups including the Conservancy of SW Florida vehemently opposed the bill and many people sent in angry emails attacking the proposed bill.

The cities of Bonita Springs and Estero have already passed local laws that prohibit the Fracking method of drilling for oil and natural gas within their city limits. The state law that was proposed would have given authority to the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate and give permits to oil drilling companies.

The efforts to allow Fracking in Florida is not over and it is up to market forces, and the price of oil worldwide which will put pressure on Florida’s landowners to allow oil drilling to some degree. The oil drilling rig shown in the picture above is pumping about 100 barrels of oil per day in the Caracara Preserve in Naples. The oil drilling rights were maintained by the landowner even though the land is used as a nature preserve and cattle grazing area.

Environmentalists argue that Florida’s very sensitive system of underground aquifers which supply most of the drinking water to Florida’s residents should not be jeopardized by oil drilling and Fracking. Fracking opponents say that the chemicals that are pumped underground to release the oil and natural gas would contaminate and destroy the water in our aquifers. The National Geographic Society has produced a concise 2 minute video which explains the Fracking process and where it is currently being used in the United States.








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