Sailing off Sanibel Island

Sailing off Sanibel

Sailing off Sanibel

Sailing off Sanibel Island  with a small boat can be a lot of fun and a good way to see Pine Island Sound which covers most of the area off Sanibel, Ft. Myers Beach and the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. You might catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming by which are plentiful in these waters. These sailors brought their small sailboat to the Sanibel Causeway with car and small trailer and launched it from the causeway beach. Since it was a fairly windy day, they had no problem catching a breeze and off they went. If you want to sail on a bigger boat or would want to learn how to sail there is a company called Colgate Off Shore Sailing which has boats on Ft. Myers Beach and Captiva Island.  You can learn more about sailing lessons and trips by clicking on the Ft. Myers Beach Colgate Sailing Website or reading reviews on Trip Advisors website. They also have boats on Captiva Island although I think you have to be a guest at private South Seas Plantation Resort to sail there.

click on image to see larger picture                                  photo by Dave Zuhusky





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