Salt Water Marshes and Amelia Island

Amelia Island, Florida located in the northeast corner of the state just north of Jacksonville is a beautiful barrier island with 13 miles of beaches. Salt water marshes surround much of the island and provide protection against beach erosion as well as providing a rich marine environment for aquatic marine life. The beaches are deep and long and provide people with plenty of room to walk, jog, lay out a blanket and enjoy the surf and views. Amelia Island has a rich history and has belonged to 8 different countries during Americas’ history . The name of the island came from Britain who named it after Princess Amelia, daughter of King George II.

During my brief stop on the island I enjoyed looking at the historic section of the island that has been preserved, the beaches which seem to go on forever, a long pier jutting out into the Atlantic ocean and the beautiful salt marshes which surround much of the island.  The salt water marshes provide food, spawning areas and protection from predators. Other coastlines and barrier islands like those which used to protect the Louisiana coastline near New Orleans could learn a lesson from the healthy salt marshes that protect Amelia Island. Amelia Island has a good website with additional information about this barrier island.


3 thoughts on “Salt Water Marshes and Amelia Island

  1. debbie natelson

    Do they still have all the wild horses running around Amelia (I surely doubt it), but they are purportedly still some of them out in the backwaters and on adjacent Cumberland Island. I think there will wild bands of them up until at least teh 80s, if not the ’90s. But when shi shi resorts like Trump golf courses came in — bye bye wild horses. I also thought that Amelia used to be a bike only or electric golf cart, but limited auto access island. Any of this sound familiar to your visit, Dave? I saw there were places to rent bikes & Segways — but ironically now, bikes are not allowed outside of the resorts (“due to safety reasons”).
    What a complex maze we weave…..
    Thanks for sharing……p.s. I think the island was named for Princess Amelia… Don’t know if King George would have approved his daughter being called Princess American. 🙂 Freudian slip?

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks for informing me of my typo Debbie. King George II would not be happy if I called his daughters island America.

    2. Dave Post author

      I didn’t see any wild horses on Amelia Island. There may be some on other islands nearby. I was on Amelia island during the slow season. I can imagine the traffic would be pretty heavy and cause congestion on the roads during the high season. They have probably had some accidents involving bicyclists during this time thereby resulting in the banning of bicyclists on public roads. A long path around the island to serve runners, bicycles and segways would be a good idea. Sort of what Sanibel has.


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