Sanibel-Captiva Land & Wildlife Conservation Foundation (SCCF)

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation Observation Tower

Observaton Tower

The Sanibel & Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) is dedicated to the conservation of coastal habitats and aquatic resources on Sanibel & Captiva Islands. The SCCF manages over 1,300 acres of land on the islands and owns an additional 500 acres on nearby Pine Island.  The SCCF Marine Laboratory conducts research on areas including seagrasses, mangroves and harmful algal blooms, fish populations and shell-fish restoration. SCCF’s RECON (River,Estuary, and Coastal Network) network of seven in-water sensors provides real-time hourly readings of key water quality parameters over a 90 mile area.

The SCCF also offers educational programs for people of all ages from beach walks to boat tours, wading trips, kayak trip tours and classroom based activities. There is a great trail to hike and walk where you will see a lot of the native trees, plants and wildlife from the islands. The SCCF’s  4 miles of trails also has an observation tower where you can see a large part of the preserve. The visitor center has a  touch tank of marine life,  butterfly house and nature shop. The SCCF also has a Nature Plant Nursery with a wide variety of plants for sale.

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