Sanibel Lighthouse

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The Sanibel Lighthouse has been an icon and landmark on Sanibel Island since 1884 and has drawn visitors to Sanibel Island for it’s historical significance and nearby beautiful beaches. It had acted as a navigational beacon for ships traveling around the barrier islands of SW Florida for over 100 years. There is a full time lighthouse keeper living next to the lighthouse and a nice path to walk around the lighthouse.

I made a trip to the Sanibel Lighthouse and beaches which surround the lighthouse on both the west and east sides of the southern tip of the island. It only takes a short walk to see the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island. If you walk to the east side of the island you can see the Pine Island Sound, Ft. Myers Beach and Sanibel Bridge in the distance.

There is a lot of activity near the lighthouse with a fishing pier and water sports such as parasailing. I enjoyed seeing a man throwing a ball out into the Gulf and watching his Golden Retriever swim after it.  The waves are usually choppy and currents strong on this part of the island so swimmers should be very careful. It is safer to swim on the Gulf of Mexico side further north on the islands’ beaches where the currents are not so strong. There is public parking in a few different lots next to the lighthouse and its costs a few dollars per hour. There are also restrooms nearby. The pictures above show the lighthouse from both the Gulf and Pine Island Side as well as the beach. There are a couple of good websites to learn more about traveling and or staying on Sanibel including the Chamber of Commerce and official Sanibel City website.





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