Scarecrows at Lakes Park Community Gardens

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You know it is the Fall season when you see scarecrows in farmers crop fields and in homeowners gardens. Scarecrows symbolize the Fall Harvest season. The scarecrows in the pictures above were expertly decorated with colorful hats, clothes and faces by members of the Lakes Park Community Gardens. I had to take some pictures of these scarecrows in the community gardens  because they were so enjoyable and interesting to look at.

I am a member of the Lakes Park Community Gardens where people can rent a raised garden bed measuring 8 ft. by  4 ft. for $60 per year. There are over 70 raised garden beds in the fenced in area. I think some people got the fabulous idea to adorn the gardens with these scarecrows more for the aesthetic appeal than for the purpose of protecting their gardens from birds.

Scarecrows have been used by farmers all over the world for thousands of years to scare away birds who like to feed on the easy pickings of fruits and vegetables.  Egyptians used scarecrows on the banks of the Nile River to scare away quail from invading their crops. Japanese used them to protect their rice fields. Native Americans used them to protect their corn fields. The Ancient Greeks also used scarecrows to protect their vineyards.

According to the website, the definition of scarecrow is “ that which frightens without doing physical harm”.



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