Slash Pine Tree

Slash Pines Trees in forest at Calusa Nature Center in Ft. Myers

Slash Pines Trees in forest at Calusa Nature Center in Ft. Myers

Slash Pine Tree – (Pinus elliotti)

The Slash Pine Tree is seen all over South Florida, can grow up to 120 ft. tall and is part of the coniferous group of trees. Coniferous trees keep their leaves all year long and only shed the oldest leaves when new needles take their place. There are many types of Coniferous trees that grow all over North America and they are of great importance because of their ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. CO2 emitted through fossil fuels are thought to be the main contributor to global warming. The Florida Slash Pines’ needles grow 8-12 inches long, produces cones that are 2-6 inches in length and have a deep root system. They grow in South Florida in forests,  swamps and along streams. The wood produced by Slash Pines and other Pine trees are used for lumber in making homes, pulpwood for newspapers and magazines, and chemical derivatives to make things like rayon, cellophane, turpentine, plastics and pharmaceuticals.  They are also beautiful trees to look at because of their dark brown rough bark, dark green leaves and tall height compared to most of the shorter Florida trees.

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