Water a Priority

illustration of aquifer

illustration of aquifer

The Ft. Myers News Press Editorial section on Feb. 24th, 2014 ran an article titled “Water a Priority” which explains how Florida legislators are making Florida’s resources, infrastructure and water quality  a priority issue is this years legislative session. The article points out that many of our springs which are connected with our freshwater wetlands and aquifers are contaminated with pollution from septic tanks, agricultural and urban fertilizers.  Florida’s population needs an adequate supply of freshwater which comes from our natural springs and underground aquifers.

Senator Bill Monford, a Democrat from Tallahassee is working with Republican legislators to sponsor a bill that would try and protect our springs from pollution. Monford calls this as yet unmarked piece legislation a “landmark piece of legislation”. Part of the legislation would use documentary stamp money which is revenue in real estate transactions to pay for spring protection and force homeowners to upgrade their septic systems or force them to hook up to a sewer system. The Florida Association of Counties seems to agree with this priority when it said, “Florida must invest in water quality and supply infrastructure to support a healthy economy and environment. “ Illustration and picture courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey.





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