Wetlands are Important



Wetlands are important to all of us for a variety of reasons not least of which is the purification and supply of fresh drinking water.  Wetlands allow rainfall and flowing water to sink into the ground and recharge aquifers which is where we pump water for human use. Ninety percent of our drinking water comes from underground aquifers.  Wetlands provide a biological community where wildlife can live, thrive and provide us with recreational areas to enjoy nature. Pollutants such as lead, mercury, heavy metals, excess nitrogen and phosphorus are removed by the filtering process of wetlands. Half of Florida’s wetlands have been drained over the past century to make way for roads, agriculture, commercial and residential development. It is estimated that it will take over $8 Billion dollars to restore the Everglades to a healthy ecosystem and a wetland capable of providing us with the things we need to live. We should all help to restore and maintain our open green areas, wetlands and ecosystems.


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  1. Dave

    The problems of Red Tide and Algae Bloom that our rivers, bays and beaches have been experiencing have been blamed by some people as nutrient overload occuring from the water releases from Lake Okeechobee and fertilizers from properties that are sent into rivers and storm drains after heavy rains. We can do our part to save our beaches and waterways by putting pressure on the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and Department of Environmental Protection which should be protecting our environment.


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